ADS-B OUT – Time to Get It Done?

ADS-B OUT - Time to Get It Done?

365 Days. That's all the time that remains to equip aircraft operating in the US national airspace with an Automatic Dependent Surveillance - Broadcast Out (ADS-B Out) transponder if the aircraft is to be operated in any of the areas where ADS-B Out will be required on January 1st, 2020. Not all aircraft in the US will need ADS-B Out, but if an operator plans to fly the aircraft in or near any Class B or Class C airport, in a Mode C veil, or above 10,000 feet, ADS-B Out will be required.

It's hard to believe it's been 10 years since the regulations requiring ADS-B were published, but the deadline looms ever nearer. And given that it takes time to research, buy, install, and verify operation of an ADS-B Out solution, it's rapidly approaching time to pull the trigger and get the process started. As a the owner of a light general aviation aircraft, I've been watching and waiting as new ADS-B Out solutions have made it through the development pipeline and been approved for use by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Prices have dropped, installations seem to be simpler, and the number of potential solutions has increased. There may be some new technology available at the major trade show events in 2019 (NBAA, Sun-N-Fun, AirVenture, etc...) but it may be risky to pin one's hopes on a product that may or may not be available and meet certification requirements before the deadline.

Overall, the FAA says that nearly 69,000 US registered aircraft have been equipped, with just over 62,000 aircraft having passed the requirements to certify that the installations meet operational requirements. Given that the FAA estimates that over 100,000 aircraft will need the equipment, there may be a bit of a backlog at avionics shops as the remaining aircraft try to get equipped during 2019.

So, what are your plans? How's your ADS-B Out installation coming along? If you are still waiting to equip - what factors are delaying your implementation? If you have equipped, what benefits do you see as you are using ADS-B out in your daily flying? How have you implemented ADS-B Out into your safety training or safety management system?

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