Thomas Edison is said to have observed that genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration.  As an intelligence officer in the military, I learned the value of developing a deep understanding of the operational environment to help guide missions to success.  That same logic applies to business environments, and as a Ph.D. researcher, I've learned additional research skills that provide me the ability to 'deep-dive' into challenges both in the academic and business worlds.  I've supported business with research in the areas of product development, sales, and implementation strategy, and have supported academic investigations into aviation safety and pilot training topics.

Business Capture

With a background leading technology development both in the military and in commercial business, I can help businesses with multiple aspects of the business capture process, including proposal writing, improving understanding of a client's desired outcomes, and ensuring that the offer made meets the client's true needs.

Business Leadership

As a senior leader in both business and military environments, I've led organizations in diverse missions across the globe, with teams ranging from 5 to over 500.  Whether managing a small team or developing strategic guidance for a worldwide enterprise, application of the fundamentals of direct and indirect leadership is critical to success.  I can help with climate assessments, policy development, leadership training, and other skillsets to help your organization achieve success.


As an accomplished public speaker, I've presented to conferences around the world.  I can speak to your organization about leadership, client relations, aviation safety and human factors, and a variety of other topics.  Contact me below to inquire about availability.


At its heart, training is about learning and communication.  Good training includes assessments of what skills are most needed, how to teach those skills, and how to ensure the skills learned will result in increased performance.  I've led training operations and curriculum development in both military and post-secondary educational environments, and can help with your business training needs.  I have experience in both face-to-face and virtual training environments at all organizational levels.

Next Steps...

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