Flight Instruction

Flying is a passion for me, and one I am happy to share.  My family and I fly in our personal aircraft - a 1999 Cessna 172S.  I bought the plane to use in achieving some of my certificates and ratings, but after 10 years of ownership we still have it as the 172 is just a great plane for having fun.

I take flight instruction seriously, and my aim is to train pilots with solid flight skills able to meet all of the Federal Aviation Administration requirements for a Private Pilot certificate.  More importantly, I want to build SAFE pilots with the ability to manage and mitigate risks.  To do that, I apply tips I've learned in almost 2 decades of flying, and in my research as a University instructor.

If that interest you - call or text me!  I'd be happy to help!

- Troy

(407) 476-9463



Kissimmee VFR Chart