Flight Instruction

Flying is a passion for me, and one I am happy to share.  My family and I fly in our personal aircraft - a 1999 Cessna 172S.  I bought the plane to use in achieving some of my certificates and ratings, but after 10 years of ownership we still have it as the 172 is just a great plane for having fun.

I take flight instruction seriously, and my aim is to train pilots with solid flight skills able to meet all of the Federal Aviation Administration requirements for a Private Pilot certificate.  More importantly, I want to build SAFE pilots with the ability to manage and mitigate risks.  To do that, I apply tips I've learned in almost 2 decades of flying, and in my research as a University instructor.

I've recently partnered with Gold Seal flight training to provide ground school training for Private Pilots and Flight Reviews.  See how that can help you at private.groundschool.com.   An awesome resource!

Call or text me!  I'd be happy to help!

- Troy

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